The marking specialist - reiner speed-i-jet 940
Location: Belleville - Illinois
Date Posted: 09 Setiembre
This is one of the most versatile handheld inkjet printers by REINER. Speed-i-Marker 940 has ability to print on moving objects and also used to Marking in small or test batches. Keep in mind REINER’s quick-drying MP ink allows the printer to print on non- absorbent & absorbent surface of metal, plastic, paper board etc. It is used as both Marking & coding work

o Prints in single line, multiline , barcodes & graphics
o Both Surface & contact-free printing
o Easy to handle
o Very easy to use PC set easy software using USB connection
o Weight-1.2lbs
o Changeable font size
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ABM Marking Services Ltd
2799 South Belt West, Belleville, IL 62226
Phone: 618 277 3773
Fax: 618 277 3782
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